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Companion Animals Regulation Review


The Companion Animals Regulation 2008 (the Regulation) is now being reviewed. The Companion Animals Act 2008 and Companion Animals Regulation 2008 falls under the responsibility of the Office of Local Government (OLG). The OLG is seeking feedback from stakeholders including the community on what could be changed to better achieve the Regulation objectives: to provide for the identification and registration of companion animals and for the duties and responsibilities of their owners and councils.

How to complete the form

  • You should read the Privacy Notice first, which explains about the personal information being collected as part of this consultation process
  • If you want to continue, you then need to provide some information about yourself and whether you are responding on behalf of an organisation
  • You do not need to answer every question
  • There are 37 questions in 6 sections. You can skip to the section you are interested in.
  • Comments should be limited to 250 words.


Closing Date

Submissions have now closed.


Next Steps

Feedback from the discussion paper will inform preparation of a Regulatory Impact Statement to be released for further consultation in the coming months. 


To download the discussion paper, click on the link below:


Privacy Notice – Companion Animals Regulation 2008 Review consultation

When you give us your feedback, the Office of Local Government (OLG) will be collecting some personal information about you, in particular:

  • your name
  • your email address
  • the name of your organisation (if provided)
  • any personal information you decide to put in the additional comments fields

All feedback received through this online consultation process may be made publicly available. Please do not include any personal information in your feedback that you do not want published. 

This information is being collected by OLG as part of Companion Animals Regulation 2008 Review to help the Government develop a new Regulation.  As part of that process, we may need to share your information with people outside OLG, including other public authorities and government agencies. We may also use your email contact details to send you notifications about further feedback opportunities or the outcome of consultation. You should also be aware there may be circumstances when OLG is required by law to release information (for example, in accordance with the requirements of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009. There is also a privacy policy located on the OLG website that explains how some data is automatically collected (such as your internet protocol (IP) address) whenever you visit the OLG’s website.  The link to that policy is 


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